2023-2024 Programming

 September: Your Character Counts(19 sessions) 

This program teaches students practical skills for understanding and managing their emotions, setting goals and getting organized, understanding and getting  along with others in our diverse world, and making good decisions. Students will practice these skills by having hands-on learning opportunities, role play, and case studies on how to react in situations.  At the end of the program students will understand the importance of becoming moral, civic, mannered, behaved, non-bullying, successful, compliant and socially acceptable beings. 

October: Where Art thou Learning? (20 sessions) 

This program will allow students to find their gifts within the arts.   Students will receive instruction on art, public speaking, poetry, and dance. Students will learn how infusing the arts in the core curriculum gives them another avenue from which they can learn.  Students will have a display talent show during the last session to display their favorite arts skill.  

November: Why do YOU Matter? (19 sessions) 

In this program students will learn about Self-Care . We will discuss feelings and how they impact your health. Students will learn how to develop positive self-esteem and confidence in themselves.  They will also make a vision board of what they see in themselves and aspirations for the future YOU.  This program will also conclude every Friday with a mindfulness activity.  

December: STEMAS Celebration! (17 sessions) 

In this program we will inspire some holiday learning with some awesome Christmas science experiments & STEM activities! We will jingle all the way to the north pole to help Santa with his sleigh, try to fix the Grinch's heart, and have the 12 Days of STEMAS.  Our program will conclude with a STEMAS Christmas celebration with none other than Santa visiting us all the way from the North Pole.

January: Show me the Money! (20 sessions) 

It's a new year! A new resolution! This program will teach students the financial literacy of saving money, the value of a dollar, the stock market, differentiate between needs and wants, writing checks, and understanding percentages and discounts while having fun.  Students will have the opportunity to earn money in the various financial literacy contests.  The money earned can be used in The L.E.E. Academy Store every Friday.

February: The HBCU Culture: (20 sessions) 

Historically black colleges and universities are institutions of higher education in the United States that were established before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with the intention of primarily serving the African-American community. In this program students will learn each day about a different HBCU.  They will learn about famous people that attended those universities and their rich history.  Students will get an opportunity to see the culture of HBCU's such as Greeks, athletics, bands, etc.    

March: The World Around Us! (20 sessions)  

Where in the world do you want to go.  Students will travel to different countries each day in this program and learn traditions, history, and culture.  While traveling students will learn the basic words such as hello and goodbye in the language.  Lunch prepared during this week will have some sort of treat from the various countries we visit.  Pack your bags and get ready for a bumpy ride full of fun.

April: Kitchen Science(15 sessions) 

Kitchen Science is a collection of activities that people can do with everyday ingredients available from the supermarket.  We want to show that science does not have to be done in a fancy laboratory or require expensive and hard to find chemicals. Instead, science is involved in all aspects of people’s lives.  You can explore the fun of science in your own kitchen.  During this program we will extract DNA from Kiwi, make OObleck, understand the properties of water and more.  Your students will be so excited in what they learn they will be ready to show you when they get home.  

Spring Break: What’s Cooking:  (5 sessions) 

Who says kids can't cook?  Well this program will equip scholars with the basic sanitary and safe work habits needed to make meals. Students will prepare an individual dish each day to eat.   They will learn the names and uses of kitchen equipment, how to read a recipe and use the correct measurements, table etiquette, and setting a table. We will also have a weekly Top L.E.E. Academy Chef decorating contest.  

May: The Digital Age (20 sessions)    

Computer Science & Technology is all around us.  Students will learn the various forms of technology and computer science through games, social media, coding, app development, and programming.  These sessions will teach concepts related to computer science, such as binary numbers and algorithms. Students will also learn the importance of being safe while using technology.  Students will create a presentation using the program Scratch for parents and others to see at the end of the program.

June: What the Health!(20 sessions) 

This program will help children de­velop active, positive lifestyles and hopefully convince them that exercise is important to their well-being and increases the chance that physical activity will be­come a permanent part of their daily lives. Let's get fit and set a goal.  It's summer-time and time to get in shape.  Students will learn about healthy eating, personal hygiene, the importance of exercise, and making fitbits for our monthly workouts.  This program involves walking, running, yoga, and Zumba.  We will get those hearts pumping to get your body in shape.